Mrs. America Shaylyn Ford crowns as the Mrs world 2022


Mrs world is the biggest annual beauty pageant for married women which is held annually since 1984.  It features directors in 80 countries. 

As Mrs World 2022 pageant which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on 15th January 2022 crowned Mrs. America Shaylyn Ford as the winner of the pageant.

It was after 8 years America got the chance to take back the crown to their country. And also it was the 8th title owned by America since 1984. 

Shaylyn Ford is 37 years old hair and makeup artist, who was the Mrs. America in 2021. 

Competitors representing 58 countries participated in this competition and Shaylyn had to compete with these 57 beauties from different countries to achieve victory and get the crown as the Mrs. world in 2022.